Network with 50+ Users             MSP Providing Supplemental IT Staffing


This is for medium sized to large businesses that have a in house IT staff. Computing service requirements and Network Administration are generally handled by your company staff.  But company needs dictate need for supplemental staffing for select projects or problems. You may not have the time or expertise to accommodate certain computing needs. High end examples may be firewall, router, security needs, fileserver and storage builds, BDR solutions, E-mail solutions, hosting and programming.  Client-side need examples are help desk, PC roll outs, imaging projects, printing needs. MSP is contracted to fulfill these roles as supplemental staff to your in house IT staff.


A lead contact is chosen from customer’s staff to coordinate and manage our activities. Customer IT service activities typically tracked through an in-house help desk ticket system with MSP setup as a technical staff resource. MSP’s assigned Help Desk technician or Network Engineer then takes role of working with client in handling these computing needs and projects.


  • MSP includes in all plans periodic site visits (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/quarterly) to get to know your staff, network, facilities and operations. This is critical to our IT partnership. Site visits are supplemented by remote sessions, phone, and email as needed.
  • A primary Help Desk technician or Network Engineer are assigned to your account for select activities, backed up by other MSP staff resources.  We strive to always develop a minimum of two technical staffers with knowledge of your account.
  • Service activities managed by customer’s Help Desk ticket system.  MSP offers our eService Help Desk web-based application for clients without a in house system. This tracks and manages all IT related activities, giving the client a good history of all computing tasks
MSP’s eService Help Desk (optional to those clients without inhouse ticket system)


Once either service plan is established with MSP, we will create an account for you on our website.  This will enable you to enter, manage and report on these IT task items:


  • eService Desk Ticket System (for submission of work orders)
  • Complete history of open and closed tickets with resolution records
  • IT reports for customer management that quantifies IT services
eService Desk help desk tickets are submitted by you, the client, directly to our website.  This generates an e-mail to our Service manager and staff technicians. Calls are entered as:


  • URGENT (respond within 4 hours)
  • AT EARLIEST CONVENIENCE (not urgent, but ASAP)
  • SCHEDULED (next time MSP is on-site).

IT Help Desk calls or Network Engineer project & problem work are then scheduled by MSP for handling via site visit, remoting in or phone as needs dictate. As MSP provides services to your company, a detailed web-based log is kept of the dates and hours worked and services performed. This log is always available to the client on our website, enabling you to see service history and account balance.


Plan Pricing is based on projected level of hours of IT service needs annually. Hourly rates are based on these following factors: technical skill set required to support account, annual volume of hour commitment, proximity to MSP, and if client is also a MSP hardware & software account.


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