Software licensing & Hardware contracts requires a partner with excellent management tools. MSP can provide you with our beautiful web based eAsset Tracking System manage all your IT assets.

For software, the days of buying shrink wrapped retail boxes are over.  And as you license, it can be very confusing to understand the broad range of software licensing programs that have been introduced by Microsoft, Symantec, Citrix, WMWare, Adobe and other software developers. Let Micro Solutions assist you with analyzing your business needs and choosing the correct and most cost-effective program for your software licensing.  Our staff periodically goes through Microsoft training on licensing and have a firm understanding of the programs offered by Microsoft and the other software companies we represent. If a manufacturer rep is needed from any of these developers, MSP can as an authorized dealer provide you with on-site representation upon request. As your Value Added Reseller, MSP can provide you with the guidance to choose the correct software licensing programs, and then track your renewals in our calendar based app.

We also track your company hardware contracts for all data center products such as routers, firewalls, fileservers, Storage devices, etc.  Understood these are critical devices for your company network and keeping them under contract – often with 24 x 7 coverage is paramount

Everything purchased through MSP is entered into our eAsset Tracking System calendar, which allows you to view your software licenses and your vendor certificates with key codes.

Reporting and budgeting?  No one does it better!  You can run multiple reports of your IT Assets (software and hardware) which provides an excellent management reporting and budgeting tool.